Bio-Technopark After Work Networking Aperitif

Event date: 05.10.2021

One regular event on the site is the popular Bio-Technopark After Work Networking Aperitif. On the first Tuesday of the month, scientists, laboratory technicians, entrepreneurs, and many others meet in the Momento Caffè & Lounge in order to maintain networks, exchange ideas, and make new contacts in an informal atmosphere.

The support provided by prestigious companies make it possible to hold this popular monthly event.

When:  Invitational, from 5 pm on
Where: Gastronomie WAGI S, Wagistrasse 12, 8952 Schlieren,
Who: Scientists, laboratory technicians, entrepreneurs, CEOs etc.
Registration: Not required for employees of Bio-Technopark companies and institutions

Entrance only with valid COVID certificate.

Event sponsors:  

Main sponsors

  • Bio-Technopark
  • Raiffeisenbank an der Limmat
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Roche Glycart AG
  • ArthaVisionX
  • Gastronomie WAGI S
  • Emil Christinger

Secondary sponsors

  • InSphero AG
  • Molecular Partners AG
  • Swisslinx AG
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