Working Together for a Successful Future

The Bio-Technopark works with numerous collaborative partners in the promotion of start-up entrepreneurs, in the transfer of knowledge and technology, and in cluster management. It is also a committed member of various organizations. Its priorities are to create networks of expertise, to use synergies, and to maintain optimal general conditions for the benefit of the companies and institutions in the Bio-Technopark.


Zurich Cantonal Bank 

Zurich Cantonal Bank is the main sponsor of the Bio-Technopark. Zurich Cantonal Bank’s commitment to the promotion of start-ups creates jobs and makes it the bank for start-ups in the Greater Zurich Area.

University of Zurich

Together with the University Hospital, the University of Zurich is represented by numerous institutes, research groups, and spin-offs in the Bio-Technopark. They jointly promote the exchange of ideas between employees and entrepreneurship in the field of life sciences.

The Business and Economic Development Division, Canton of Zurich

The division of the Office for Economy and Labour co-founded the Bio-Technopark. The Bio-Technopark supports the organization with cluster development.

The town of Schlieren

The town of Schlieren is one of the co-founders of the Bio-Technopark. The two institutions work closely together in the areas of local business development and start-up promotion.

Event sponsors of the Bio-Technopark After Work Networking Aperitif

The support provided by the following prestigious companies make it possible to hold this popular monthly event: Raiffeisenbank an der LimmatThermo Fisher ScientificRoche Glycart AG, Artha –VisionX, Gastronomie WagiS and Emil Christinger (main sponsors), and InSphero AGMolecular Partners AG, Swisslinx AG (secondary sponsors).


The Bio-Technopark is a committed member of the following organizations:

Life Science Zurich Business Network
Swiss Biotech Association
Wirtschaftskammer Schlieren (local chamber of commerce)
Gewerbeverein Schlieren (local trade association)