Offices and Laboratories

Premises in the Bio-Technopark are leased out primarily by the owner of the Wagi site, Gewerbe- und Handelszentrum Schlieren AG (GHZ). GHZ has 30 years of experience in the planning and building of both simple and complex life science infrastructure. On a smaller scale, Christinger Beratung & Verwaltung offers premises at Grabenstrasse 11. Occasionally, fully-equipped laboratories are also sublet by companies in the Bio-Technopark.

What Bio-Technopark offers:

  • Individual rental areas in different sizes and locations, and with different fit-out standards
  • Specific requirements, fit-out requests, and extension possibilities are taken into consideration
  • Financing for fitting out, fair rents, and uncomplicated processing of contracts
  • Efficient conversion or fitting out of complex laboratory infrastructure
  • Young start-ups can rent fully-equipped laboratory, office, and equipment facilities and can partly share laundry facilities, cold rooms, storerooms, and seminar rooms

If you have any queries about renting premises, we would be delighted to hear from you. we will also help you to locate at the site and to set up your life science business there. Contact

Ultramodern laboratory infrastructure

The Bio-Technopark is still being developed and gradually fitted out. The aim is to create a vibrant life science park. The design plan “Wagi-Areal Süd” (“Wagi site south”), which was approved by Schlieren Municipal Council in 2009, will enable the site owner GHZ to build a total of four high-rise buildings. Three 11-story laboratory buildings were completed in 2013, 2017 and 2020, respectively. Additional new buildings are in the planning stage.

Infrastructure highlights in the Bio-Technopark:

  • 11-story laboratory buildings
  • CT-PET/PET-MRI center
  • Cyclotron for manufacturing radiopharmaceuticals
  • Bio-pharmaceutical production
  • University Hospital Zurich logistic center