Free Virtual Benchling Event – Build Your Bench, Europe: How to Start & Scale a Biotech Company

Event-Datum: 10.05.2022

10:00am–12:45pm CEST

A free, virtual event featuring European biotech founders, investors, scientists and industry experts who will share their strategies for lasting success. 

There’s never been a better time to be part of a biotech startup. Yet, building a successful biotech company is no easy feat. Decisions you make early on can have a lasting impact on your organization. You’ll hear from biotech founders, investors, and luminaries who have been down this path. They’ll share practical advice for how to build your team, raise capital, and establish the right R&D foundations that will increase your probability of success.


Strategies for Success

Learn first-hand how successful biotech founders approached team building, financing, and R&D pipeline and platform decisions.

The Venture Capital Perspective

Hear from leading investors as they discuss the current biotech funding environment, emerging trends, and what they believe are the most important factors for success in new biotech ventures.

Setting the Right Digital Foundations

Hear from experts about the importance of digitization to build a scalable, effective R&D organisation poised for high growth and investment.

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