Fostering Interactions in Biotech: Navignostics

Event-Datum: 07.03.2023

7th of March, 16.15-17.00

Auditorium Bio Technopark Schlieren, Wagistrasse 25, 8952 Schlieren

Are you working in biotech and love to hear about exciting science, discuss innovative ideas and learn about struggles and creative solutions? So do we! Engaging discussions and collaborations are invaluable for productive science, innovation and for creating new, disruptive ideas. This is why we are organising a seminar between the biotechs in the Zurich area with the goal of getting to know each other, learning and having exciting discussions.
The speaker is Jana Fischer, Co-Founder and CEO at Navignostics. Navignostics uses spatial single-cell proteomics to characterize tumours with the goal to find the right drug for each patient.