Workshop: Common mistakes and pitfalls in confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements

Event-Datum: 26.10.2023

When: Thursday, October 26, 5 PM

Where: Bio-Technopark, Auditorium, Wagistrasse 25, 8952 Schlieren

Research and development thrive on openness and free flow of information. However, research goals, strategies and, above all, results, are among the most valuable asset of a company. Collaboration therefore requires trust and clear rules on the use of any information exchanged. Loopholes in confidentiality or misunderstandings based on unclear rules can make or break future success.

In spite of this, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are often among the most underrated and under-negotiated agreements in the life of a company. This workshop aims to give an overview of the most important aspects of confidentiality agreements and a few simple mistakes to avoid when negotiating and signing one.

The workshop is free of charge for all companies on the Bio-Technopark campus. For purposes of planning, we recommend that you sign up on our website here.