Lonza Expert Series: Road to First in Human

Event date: 19.02.2023

In today’s competitive environment, the gene to First In Human (FIH) journey is complicated and more challenging than ever.

  • Competitors are chasing the same indications as well as the finite funding available.
  • There is increased pressure to get the candidate into the clinic as fast as possible.
  • Amidst overwhelming uncertainty, companies must still manage budgets effectively to hit important milestones.

Such a complex pathway to the clinic requires the ability to accelerate development time, while still maximizing the candidate’s future value by ensuring the best partnerships are in place. Access to relevant experience and expertise on navigating these hurdles can make the difference between success and failure.

Expert Advice at Your Fingertips

Through a series of webinars, renowned experts drawn from both inside Lonza and our wide network of innovative biotech companies, will outline fundamental building blocks and provide invaluable insights needed for success.

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