Natural Selection in Antibody R&D: Survival of the Fittest

Event date: 07.12.2023

Date and time: Thu, Dec 7, 2023 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM CET
Location: Dinaqor – Conference Room, Wagistrasse 25, 8952 Schlieren

Rapid Novor is at the forefront of accelerating therapeutic antibody discovery with our cutting-edge REpAb® platform. Based in Canada, our expertise lies in de novo protein sequencing, advancing the capabilities of biotech firms in antibody development. At Rapid Novor, we empower decision-makers and high-level scientists by delivering precise antibody sequences without the need for prior information on the antibodies. Our REpAb® platform uniquely integrates mass spectrometry with proprietary bioinformatics algorithms, setting a new benchmark in sequence recovery accuracy and speed. As we expand our horizons, Rapid Novor is eager to collaborate with Swiss biotechnology innovators to forge pathways in groundbreaking antibody therapeutics.

Speaker: Monique Seymour – Senior Scientific Sales Executive, Rapid Novor

With a masters in biotechnology and management from the University of Glasgow, Monique has a keen interest in empowering scientists to further their research for better human health. At Rapid Novor, Monique has worked collaboratively with hundreds of scientists in both therapeutic and diagnostic fields globally to understand their goals and apply her proteomics knowledge in tandem with Rapid Novor’s discovery and characterization services to accelerate commercial and research goals. Monique is based in the UK and is dedicated to European clients and partners.