Clinical data published of a novel serum biomarker quintet that improves disease prognosis in men with confirmed prostate cancer

Zurich-Schlieren, Switzerland, November 18, 2021. Proteomedix, the Swiss diagnostics company committed to advance prostate cancer care, today announced the publication of clinical data that reveal added prognostic value of a blood biomarker signature predicting biochemical recurrence and adverse pathology in prostate cancer patients.

Radical prostatectomy provides excellent cancer control of clinically localized prostate cancer. However, approximately 30% of surgically treated men will experience cancer progression within 10 years of surgery. Several clinical parameters and the combination thereof (e.g. the Cancer of the Prostate Risk Assessment (CAPRA) score) have been shown to be reliable predictors of treatment failure. Still, there is a compelling need to identify novel markers that are specifically linked to the presence of biologically aggressive prostate cancer for improved prediction of outcome in populations with moderately elevated PSA levels.

The published results highlight the clinical evaluation of a 5-protein biomarker signature combined with clinical parameters. The prognostic utility of the proposed marker combination was assessed in serum samples from 557 men with confirmed localized prostate cancer. The analysis showed that the proposed model had a better prediction for disease progression and thus prostate cancer aggressiveness compared to the clinical standard score (CAPRA).

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Steuber from the renowned Martini-Klinik Hamburg and principal investigator of the study stated: “This novel biomarker test has the potential to improve prostate cancer patient management by indicating who needs active treatment.” “In contrast to the existing biomarker tests from competitors that all need tissue specimens, our test is non-invasive and can be directly measured in patients’ blood samples” said Ralph Schiess, CSO and co-founder of Proteomedix.

Publication reference: A. Athanasiou, P. Tennstedt, A. Wittig, R. Huber, O. Straub, R. Schiess, Thomas Steuber. A novel serum biomarker quintet reveals added prognostic value when combined with standard clinical parameters in prostate cancer patients by predicting biochemical recurrence and adverse pathology. Plos One 16, e0259093 (2021).