Kuros Biosciences’ MagnetOs Bone Graft Successfully Achieves Three Key Milestones

Schlieren (Zurich), Switzerland, August 23, 2022 – Kuros Biosciences (“Kuros” or the “Company”), a leader in next generation bone graft technologies, announced today that its MagnetOs bone graft has successfully achieved three key clinical and commercial milestones, with completion of enrolment in the PARTNER clinical trial, the first patient treated with MagnetOs Flex Matrix and reaching a total of 10,000 patients treated with MagnetOs worldwide.

Joost de Bruijn, Chief Executive Officer of Kuros, said: “The truly significant progress of MagnetOs is underlined by these three major milestones. The PARTNER trial marks an important advance in Project Fusion, which aims to create an unprecedented combination of scientific, pre-clinical and clinical studies to validate MagnetOs as a quality and reasonably priced alternative to cell-based allografts, bone morphogenetic proteins and premium-priced synthetic bone grafts.

“MagnetOs Flex Matrix rounds out the MagnetOs family, providing Kuros with solutions to meet most user needs and a tool to target the 62% of U.S. spine surgeons who mix their bone graft with bone marrow aspirate, significantly de-risking of our U.S. commercialization plans. And reaching the impressive number of 10,000 patients treated is an important achievement in the growth of the brand.”

PARTNER is the first of five Level 1 randomized controlled trials for MagnetOs to be fully enrolled and conducted under the umbrella research program known as Project Fusion, which compares MagnetOs to the gold standard of autograft bone. A total of 30 patients with leg pain and/or back pain, requiring up to three-level instrumented posterolateral lumbar fusion (L2 – S1), were included in the study and an interim analysis will be performed once the first 15 patients have completed their Month 6 visit with available measurements for the endpoints.

The first patient was treated with MagnetOs Flex Matrix, which opens up an opportunity for the 62% of all U.S. spine surgeons who routinely mix their bone graft of choice with bone marrow aspirate, by Dr. Terrence Crowder at the Arizona Spine and Joint Hospital. MagnetOs Flex Matrix was mixed with autograft and used in a posterolateral fusion over the facets in a patient with degenerative disc disease. MagnetOs Flex Matrix is a new open matrix bone graft with a unique fibrillar and flexible structure that optimizes the effect of Kuros’ established NeedleGrip™ surface technology and is extremely convenient to use with strength and flexibility.

Dr. Crowder said: “I am pleased to have had the opportunity to conduct this first treatment with MagnetOs Flex Matrix. I found the flexibility and versatility of the product very impressive and based on this evidence, I am already planning to use this new product with more patients in the coming weeks.”

Reaching 10,000 patients globally is an important commercial milestone, following launch in the UK in 2017, the US in 2019 and Australia and several EU countries in 2021, demonstrating the proven technology of MagnetOs in the real world of clinical practice as well as in controlled trial environments.