Kuros Biosciences’s MagnetOs Flex Matrix Cleared by FDA for Spinal Indications

Schlieren (Zurich), Switzerland, April 21, 2022 – Kuros Biosciences (“Kuros” or the “Company”), a leader in next generation bone graft technologies, announced today that its MagnetOs Flex Matrix has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a bone void filler for use in the posterolateral spine.

MagnetOs Flex Matrix is a new open matrix bone graft with a unique fibrillar and flexible structure that optimizes the effect of Kuros’ established pro-healing NeedleGripTM surface technology for more predictable fusion. U.S. spine surgeons routinely mix their bone graft of choice with bone marrow aspirate and the MagnetOs Flex Matrix allows them to reap the benefits of MagnetOs’ NeedleGripTM surface technology while continuing with their routine perioperative practice.

The clearance of MagnetOs Flex Matrix is the third new FDA clearance for the MagnetOs product family within the last 7 months and follows existing FDA clearances for the use of MagnetOs Granules, MagnetOs Putty and MagnetOs Easypack Putty in the spine.

Joost de Bruijn, Chief Executive Officer of Kuros, said: “This latest clearance of a MagnetOs product rounds out the MagnetOs product family, giving us solutions to meet user needs in most perioperative surgical scenarios in posterolateral fusion and we are pleased to demonstrate again to our investors our success in achieving our strategic goals. It gives us the chance to de-risk our commercialization plans in the U.S. by targeting spine surgeons who mix their bone graft with bone marrow aspirate. It further also allows us to re-engage with surgeons who have previously indicated they are interested in the science of MagnetOs but have not so far used our products based on their handling properties.”

MagnetOs Flex Matrix is convenient to use with excellent granule retention. It has extremely high wickability and absorbs up to ten times as much BMA as other bone grafts, with the potential to deliver even greater bone healing1. It remains strong but flexible even when wet so it can be torn, molded and folded to fill bony spaces in any way required.