Memo Therapeutics’ COVID-19 antibody on the fast track

Swiss biotech company Memo Therapeutics AG (MTx) isolated a highly potent antibody isolated from clinically selected convalescent COVID-19 donors. The selected antibody will undergo an accelerated development program as an immunotherapy and for the prevention of COVID-19. MTx has already concluded a partnership for the production.

MTx today announces a collaboration with Northway to establish fast-track cGMP manufacturing for its lead antibody candidate for the treatment of COVID-19. MTX-COVAB is a fully human, highly potent antibody isolated from clinically selected convalescent COVID-19 donors with picomolar neutralizing activity against wild-type SARS-CoV-2, as well as newly described mutants.

“Based on outstanding efficacy data from our MTX-COVAB clinical candidate, regulatory authorities fully support MTx’s development plan for a fast-track approach towards market authorization. We are confident that we will be equipped to serve patients’ needs by the start of 2021”, explained Dr. Karsten Fischer, CEO of Memo Therapeutics.

Under the terms of the manufacturing agreement, Northway will develop the cell line and the manufacturing process, and will further produce cGMP batches of MTx´s antibody for clinical studies. Northway is also perfectly positioned to execute commercial production once MTX-COVAB receives marketing authorization. This will enable MTx to supply the market in time for the anticipated second wave of the pandemic.

Northway produces antibodies and other mammalian cell-based therapeutics up to the 2.000 L scale in single-use bioreactors at its current facilities. A larger-scale production facility using stainless-steel bioreactors will be made operational by the start of 2021 to facilitate ramping-up of capacity to meet MTx´s demand. This project leverages the innovative discovery research and applied cGMP manufacturing know-how of the two partners.