Molecular Partners Reports Corporate Highlights from Q4 2020 and Key Financials for FY2020

Research & Development Highlights:


  • Initiated and rapidly advanced COVID-19 antiviral program into the clinic; secured collaboration with Novartis for co-development of multi-specific candidates MP0420 (ensovibep) and MP0423, including options for global commercialization; terms included potential total cash consideration of CHF 215 million, comprised of an upfront payment, equity purchase, and milestone, as well as 22% royalty on sales in commercial territories
  • Announced positive safety data from first dose cohort of ongoing phase 1 COVID-19 study which is on track to report data from all cohorts in Q1 2021
  • Announced intention to explore broader virology portfolio with focus on major global viral threats where unique therapeutic profile of DARPin® antivirals could make major impact
  • Published new research in February 2021 showing ensovibep and MP0423 remain active against the major known mutations of SARS-CoV-2 including those present in variants first identified in the United Kingdom (UK), and South Africa (SA)


  • First-in-human data from ongoing phase 1 study of MP0310/AMG 506 demonstrate biological activity, including successful localized tumor engagement and saturation of tumor antigen at higher doses; optimization of dosing schedule ongoing in 2021
  • Achieved proof-of-biology and mechanism in clinical studies of MP0250 and MP0274, which have no further studies planned


  • Advanced CD3/T cell engager therapeutics platform to demonstrate both highly selective, potent/efficacious and targeted T cell engagement, context-dependent T cell engagement, and ‘slow release’ T cell engagement, giving multiple new levels of control over this powerful immunomodulatory mechanism
  • Validated peptide MHC (pMHC) therapeutics platform, with data demonstrating high potency, specificity and extended systemic half-life of research candidates, and the capacity to rapidly generate multiple candidates in parallel

Financial and Team Highlights:

  • Strong financial position with CHF 173.7 million in cash (including short-term deposits) as of December 31, 2020
  • Net cash used in operating activities of CHF 29.0 million in 2020
  • Operating loss of CHF 58.3 million and net loss of CHF 62.8 million in 2020
  • Company funded into 2023, excluding any potential payments from R&D partnerships
  • Talent base of 145 full-time employees at year-end 2020
  • Gwen Fyve has worked closely with the Board of Directors and has informed the team of her intent not to stand for re-election at upcoming Annual General Meeting on 21 April 2021

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