Proteomedix announces grant of Chinese patent on Proclarix®

Zurich-Schlieren, Switzerland, September 08, 2022. Proteomedix, a Swiss diagnostics company committed to advance prostate cancer care, announces grant of patent in China for Proclarix®.

The China National Intellectual Property Administration notified Proteomedix of the grant of the patent for the invention described in the application No. 201780043349.5, titled “Method of detecting proteins in human samples and uses of such methods” that covers Proteomedix’ lead product Proclarix.

“The grant of the patent in China further strengthens our intellectual property position for our lead product Proclarix and highlights our commitment to innovation of biomarkers for prostate cancer diagnosis and prognosis,” said Ralph Schiess, CSO and co-founder of Proteomedix.

The patent was previously granted in Europe, Japan, South Korea and US. This demonstrates the company’s strong intellectual property position in protein biomarker technology worldwide and complements the existing patent portfolio covering the method and cancer-specific biomarkers that is also granted across multiple markets.

The granted patents and published studies further validate the potential of Proclarix® and support the company’s ongoing investigator-led observational studies evaluating the impact of the IVD-test on improving prostate cancer diagnosis and patient management.

About Proclarix®

Proclarix® is CE-IVD marked and indicated for prostate cancer diagnosis in patients with normal digital rectal exam (DRE), enlarged prostate volume and elevated levels of PSA at 2-10 ng/ml. Proclarix is a risk score combining in-vitro assays for the quantitative detection of biomarkers with a proprietary algorithm to assess a patient’s risk of having clinically significant prostate cancer. Detection of prostate cancer-related biomarkers in blood serum using the Proclarix risk score has been demonstrated in multiple clinical studies to be a reliable indicator of the presence of clinically significant prostate cancer. Proclarix is currently not available in China.

About Proteomedix

Proteomedix is a healthcare company whose mission is to transform prostate cancer diagnosis. The company has identified novel biomarker signatures with utility in prostate cancer diagnosis, prognosis and therapy management. The lead product Proclarix is a blood based prostate cancer test panel and risk score currently available in Europe. Proteomedix is located in the Bio-Technopark of Zurich-Schlieren, Switzerland. For more information, visit